Journal Board

Himanshu 1

Himanshu Parmar

Associate Editor, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

A kinesthetic learner, blogger, researcher, student, and friend, with an interest in Mediation, Family Law, and Property Law.

Rahul 1

Rahul. B


Panelist and Associate Editor

A passionate student with a determined focus on Sports Law, Media Laws, Environment, and Competition Law.

Vidhya 1

Vidhya Rajamohan


An optimistically groomed law student who has a huge inclination towards Constitutional laws and has voiced out opinions on gender equality and environmental issues through publishing papers.

Tulesh 1 1

Tulesh Balaje

Panelist and Associate Editor

An ardent mooter, an avid researcher who has a special interest in areas concerning Constitutional law, Criminal law, technology law, and intellectual property law.

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Samhita Srinivas


An avid mooter and researcher with a special interest in areas concerning Constitutional law, Criminal law, Family law, and Intellectual Property law currently pursuing a 4th-year B.Com LLB at SASTRA University, Tanjore.

Mirun 803x1024

Mrunalini Srinivasan


A passionate researcher, and a budding law professional with an insatiable thirst for criminal and civil laws, Mrunalini is inclined towards constitutional and intellectual property laws and has practical experience in both litigation and corporate law with multiple internships.

Medhiyaa 877x1024

Medhiyaa Ramesh


A motivated, self-driven law student with a thirst for knowledge on laws such as contracts, company, banking, and IPR.