Article Submission

We invite submissions from members of the bar, legal professionals, law students, or others who are interested in publishing with us and wish to further legal discourse.

Ex Gratia Law Journal – Volume 3 Issue 2 to be published.

Authors are expected to adhere to the following submission guidelines:

  1.  Ex Gratia Law Journal – Volume 2 Issue 2 seeks submissions under the following categories:
    • Articles – 1,500-6,000 (inclusive of footnotes). There is no maximum word limit for articles. However, authors are encouraged to consult previous issues as a guide to the length of article the Journal usually publishes.
    • Case notes – 1,500 to 2,000 words (inclusive of footnotes).
    • Book Reviews – 1,000 to 2,000 words (inclusive of footnotes).
  2. Submissions must be made only in the form of a word document (.docx or .doc).
  3. Footnotes and Citations must comply with either, BLUEBOOK 19th Ed. or BLUEBOOK 20th Ed. Non-Compliance with this clause will subject the manuscript to rejection.
  4. Please do not include a table of contents or numbered paragraphs.
  5. No Personal Details of the Author(s) must be Present within the manuscripts submitted. All the Personal Details must be enclosed within the Cover Letter.
  6. The manuscripts must not be biased and must preferably be neutral in nature.
  7. The manuscripts submitted will be modified according to the Grammatical Rules of the Indian English Language.
  8. The editorial format of the manuscripts that the Font of the manuscripts must be in ‘Times New Roman’, size 12, with a line spacing of 1.5, and for the Footnotes, font ‘Times New Roman’, Size 10, with line spacing 1.0.
  9. The manuscript shall not exceed more than 20% of Plagiarism.

Submission and Publication Agreement


This Submission and Publication Agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which you, the author (or co-author), agree to allow the Ex Gratia Law Journal to reproduce the manuscript submitted by you and to permit third parties the right to do so.

Section 1 (Authorship)

The Ex Gratia Law Journal practices under the assumption that all submitted works are by original author(s) who own the copyright of the manuscript and that the manuscript has not previously been published or submitted for consideration elsewhere. As according to this Agreement you, the author (or co-author), affirm that:

  1. The article is an original work created by you and does not violate any copyright agreement;
  2. All material referenced by you and not created by you is attributed to appropriate authors;
  3. No substantial section of the manuscript has previously been published;
  4. The manuscript will not be submitted elsewhere unless and until the Editors of the Ex Gratia Law Journal confirm in writing that they have no intention of publishing the manuscript;
  5. The manuscript is in no way defamatory and does not infringe the rights of any third party.

If any of the above affirmations are breached, you, the author (or co-author), agree to indemnify the Ex Gratia Law Journal and its Editors for any loss, damage or any other liabilities that may occur as a result and subject to Penalty under Section 5.

Section 2 (Copyright and further publication by author)

Copyright of the article remains with you, the author (or co-author). You, the author (or co-author), permit the Ex Gratia Law Journal to publish your article and to grant third parties the right to do so on the terms and conditions stated below.

  1. While copyright of the manuscript remains with you, the author (or co-author), any further publication by you of the manuscript after the initial publication in the Ex Gratia Law Journal requires permission from the Editors. You are permitted to make additional copies of the published version of your article but they must be distributed at or below cost. You are permitted to make a copy of the article available on your personal server or webpage and put a copy into your institution’s research publications archive or database, provided full details of publication in the Ex Gratia Law Journal are given.
  2. By submitting your manuscript to the Ex Gratia Law Journal you agree to allow us to upload the article to any verification software, databases or other technology which may be used from time to time to verify the authenticity of the work. This includes software such as Plagiarism Checker X, which may retain your work within the database for further checking against future works. You agree not to take any legal action against the Ex Gratia Law Journal, its employees or its agents for submitting your work to any such databases or software.
  3. If your work is found to, or suspected of infringing copyright of third parties the policy of the Journal is to forward your submitted work to the actual, or suspected copyright owners. By submitting a work you indemnify the Ex Gratia Law Journal against any claims relating to the provision of the work to third parties on the grounds of suspected copyright infringement.

Section 3 (Manuscript review)

You, the author (or co-author), agree that the Editors’ decision to publish your manuscript in the Ex Gratia Law Journal is final. Communications from the Editors during the application review are not to be taken as confirmation that they have accepted your manuscript for publication. The application process may be slowed by the sending of manuscripts to external reviewers and any delay should not be treated as non-acceptance of the manuscript. The Editors retain the right to edit your manuscript to correct any spelling or syntax errors, to conform to requirements of house style and on occasion to enhance expressions or clarify meaning. In signing this Agreement, you authorise the Editors to do so without obtaining prior approval. The Editors will, however, normally consult the author(s) prior to making any major changes.

Section 4 (Reproduction)

In addition to publishing the manuscript in Online format, the Ex Gratia Law Journal may maximize any available commercial opportunities by publishing in a variety of other formats which may include: the Internet, CDs, online databases operated by third parties, and any future technology. You authorise the Ex Gratia Law Journal and therefore third parties to publish your manuscript in any of these formats as the Editors deem appropriate without any remuneration to the author.

Download the Declaration Form, affix your signature and upload the scanned copy to the Google Form. Manuscripts will not be considered for publication until a signed copy of this Agreement has been uploaded.

Submission Process

  • All submission of manuscript for The EGLJ must be uploaded via the Googe Form (Click here). Kindly DO NOT send submissions via email.
  • Authors must include their Full Name and institution/organisation.
  • EGLJ conducts a strict blind-peer review of the submissions received and holds absolute discretion in determining whether to accept a submission or not. We will send an email receipt upon acceptance as soon as possible.